How to Check Your PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status : The Full form of PAN Card is Permanent Account Number. PAN Card is 10-Digit Unique Identity No Allotted to Each Indian Tax Payer by the Indian Income Tax Department.Its Comes under the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

To Receive Taxable Salary, Sale/Purchase of Property or Assets, Professional Fees or Any Financial Transaction, PAN Card is mandatory.

Do You have Applied for PAN Card or Are You Waiting for it ? If Yes, Then Read Our Simple Article to Check Status of Your PAN Card. ( PAN Card Status )


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How to Check Your PAN Card Status ?


So, If You have applied Online for PAN Card through NSDL, Then We are Sharing here Procedure for How to Check Your PAN Card Status.


Steps to Check Your NSDL PAN Card Status :

NSDL PAN Card Status

1 ) To Check Your PAN Card Status, Visit NSDL’S Official Site Which Looks like below Screenshot.

Check the Information which You’ll need to Fill UP there :


  • Application Type: PAN – New / Change Request
  • Acknowledgment Number: Fill Your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER Which You have given While Applying Online.
  • Name : Fill Your Name in Specific Format.
  • Date of Birth : Type Your Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons.

Note : Your Name Must be as Mentioned in the Application form. Applicants other than ‘Individuals’ should write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only.

After Feeling this All Information Correctly, Click on ” Submit ” Button. After that You’ll get the Status of Your PAN Card as below Screencast.

By this Method, Anyone can Easily Check PAN Card Status. We always Advice Everyone to Check PAN Card Status through Official Site.



How to Check Your UTI PAN Card Status ?


UTI PAN Card Status

So, If You have applied through UTI, Then You must have your Application No. Click On ” UTI Official Site ” to Check PAN Card Status.


You Will Need to Enter Below Information on UTI Site to Check Status.
  • Application Coupon No. :- Type Here Your Application Receipt No. Which might You have Received While Applying for the PAN Card.

After Typing this Information, Click On ” Submit ” to Check the Status of Your PAN Card.

This Simple Procedure is also Known as PAN Card Tracking. You can also check Your PAN Card Status Regularly by this Simple Procedure.

How to Contact Customer Support ?

Its also possible that You might face any issue while Tracking Your PAN Card Status. But Don’t Worry, You can also Call on Customer Support No. of UTI or NSDL.

So, If You want to Contact Support Center of UTI or NSDL, We have given Here the Link of their Sites On Which You can find their Fax Numbers, Telephone Numbers & Email IDs.

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