PAN Card Correction Form Online Status

PAN Card Correction Form : There may be a many Reasons to Change the Information in PAN Card & Common of them is Wrong Name, Add, Birth Date or Marriage. Do You want to Change Your PAN Card Information. You can change You PAN Card Information by Filling Form Online through NSDL or UTI. So, Here We are going to Guide You How You can Make Changes in Your PAN by PAN Card Correction Form Online.


You can also Change Your PAN Card Details by Printed Form But Before That Check Out the Below List of Documents.

  • Fill up the Form in English with Black Pen.
  • Write Down You PAN Details.
  • Two Photographs with Across Signature.


Note : If You married & You want to Change Your Last Name, Then You’ve to Provide Your Provide Your Marriage Certificate. Its Important in this Case because Government Consider it as a Legal Proof.

You Don’t Need to PANIC, Weather You have applied from UTI or NSDL. Here We’ll Guide You for Both.


NSDL PAN Card Correction Form – Click Here

  • Select the Category of Applicant
  • Click On Select
  • You’ll get PAN Card Correction Form.

UTI PAN Card Correction Form – Click Here


  • Select the Category of Applicant
  • Click On Select
  • You’ll get PAN Card Correction Form.


After Getting the PAN Card Correction form in front of You, Start Filling it With Proper Information but Before that Check Out Below List List of Documents You’ll Need.

Check Your – PAN Card Status

Identification Proof : You can Any Government Issued Identification Proof Like Passport, Adhaar Card or Driving Licence.


Current PAN : You Should Have Your PAN Card No. Ready If You want to Apply for it. PAN No. Never Changes.

Fill your existing PAN Number in the Field “Permanent Account Number(PAN)”


You’ll have to Check Corresponding No. to the Field Where You want to Make Change. Ex :- Field 1 for Change in Name if Misspelled.

Note : The * marked fields are Mandatory
Fill the Form Carefully. Once you filled Up form, Click on Submit Button on the Bottom. A fee of Rs.107 has to be paid. You can also Pay by Demand Draft/Cheque/Credit or Debit Card/Net Banking.

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As, We already said, If You don’t want to go with Online Option, You can Download PDF File of PAN Card Correction Form & Submit it to Nearest Online Seva Center or Agency with Required Documents.


Well, Weather You have applied Online or by Submitting it to Nearest center, You’ll Receive Your New PAN Card within 15-45 Days.


You can also Check You PAN Card Status if You curious about it. Let us Know Your Feedback or Question in the Comments.

How to Check Your PAN Card Status

PAN Card Status : The Full form of PAN Card is Permanent Account Number. PAN Card is 10-Digit Unique Identity No Allotted to Each Indian Tax Payer by the Indian Income Tax Department.Its Comes under the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

To Receive Taxable Salary, Sale/Purchase of Property or Assets, Professional Fees or Any Financial Transaction, PAN Card is mandatory.

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How to Check Your PAN Card Status ?


So, If You have applied Online for PAN Card through NSDL, Then We are Sharing here Procedure for How to Check Your PAN Card Status.


Steps to Check Your NSDL PAN Card Status :

NSDL PAN Card Status

1 ) To Check Your PAN Card Status, Visit NSDL’S Official Site Which Looks like below Screenshot.

Check the Information which You’ll need to Fill UP there :


  • Application Type: PAN – New / Change Request
  • Acknowledgment Number: Fill Your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER Which You have given While Applying Online.
  • Name : Fill Your Name in Specific Format.
  • Date of Birth : Type Your Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons.

Note : Your Name Must be as Mentioned in the Application form. Applicants other than ‘Individuals’ should write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only.

After Feeling this All Information Correctly, Click on ” Submit ” Button. After that You’ll get the Status of Your PAN Card as below Screencast.

By this Method, Anyone can Easily Check PAN Card Status. We always Advice Everyone to Check PAN Card Status through Official Site.



How to Check Your UTI PAN Card Status ?


UTI PAN Card Status

So, If You have applied through UTI, Then You must have your Application No. Click On ” UTI Official Site ” to Check PAN Card Status.


You Will Need to Enter Below Information on UTI Site to Check Status.
  • Application Coupon No. :- Type Here Your Application Receipt No. Which might You have Received While Applying for the PAN Card.

After Typing this Information, Click On ” Submit ” to Check the Status of Your PAN Card.

This Simple Procedure is also Known as PAN Card Tracking. You can also check Your PAN Card Status Regularly by this Simple Procedure.

How to Contact Customer Support ?

Its also possible that You might face any issue while Tracking Your PAN Card Status. But Don’t Worry, You can also Call on Customer Support No. of UTI or NSDL.

So, If You want to Contact Support Center of UTI or NSDL, We have given Here the Link of their Sites On Which You can find their Fax Numbers, Telephone Numbers & Email IDs.

PAN Card Application Form NSDL/UTI

PAN Card Application Form : As Per Income Tax Department, From 8th April 2012, PAN Card Application are required to be filled in new Forms. For High Value Transactions, Its mandatory to Provide PAN Card. But If You have Already Applied for PAN Card, Check Your PAN Card Status.

Fees for the PAN Card Application has been changed from 1st June 2016.

  • Outside India – Rs. 994/-
  • Within   India – Rs. 107/-

Here, For PAN Card Application Form, We are showing You How can You Apply Online ? Everyone Knows that, There are Only 2 Verified Organization through Which You can Apply for PAN Card Online. 1st is NSDL & 2nd is UTI. Here We are going to Tell You the Procedure for How to Apply for PAN Card Online. ( PAN Card Application Form ).

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PAN Card Application Form

Below We have given the Links for Applying through NSDL & UTI

Apply Through NSDL – Click Here

PAN Card Application Form NSDLApply Through UTI – Click Here

PAN Card Application Form UTI
If You Face Any Issue While Applying for PAN Card Application Online Here We also have given a Step by Step Guide for it.

You have Fill UP Almost Same Details Weather You Apply from NSDL or UTI. That is Called 49A Form. You have enter Information Like Application Type, Category in 1st Line. If You are Applying for Yourself or Any Person, Select Individual.

After Completing Above Information, You’ll have to enter Personal information like Title, First Name, Last Name, DOB, Email ID & Mobile No. You’ll need to Provide Income Source too.

For Identification Proof, You should scanned Your Documents like Bonafide Certificate ( DOB Certi. ), Address Proof, Driving Licence or Election Card. You can also Use Your Electricity Bill or Telephone Bill for Address Proof.

After Uploading Your Documents, Click on Submit & Then You’ll have to Pay Rs.107 to Process Your PAN Card Application Form.

After Applying for PAN Card Application, You can also Check Your PAN Card Status from Here.

So, This is How You can Apply for PAN Card Online by Simple & Easy PAN Card Application Form.

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If You face Any Issue in PAN Card Application Form, We are Always Ready to Help You. You can also comment Your Queries in below Comment-Box.

What is PAN Card & Why It is Necessary ?

What is PAN Card : The Full Form of PAN is Permanent Account Number. PAN is Identification Number for Indian Tax Payers. Every Indian Tax Payer gets it Unique 10-Digit PAN Card Number. Ex. ARLPA0061H

PAN Card

What is PAN Card



PAN Card is Issued by Indian Income Tax Department Which Comes Under Central Board of Direct Taxes. PAN Card is also used as Identification Proof. Many People doesn’t know that PAN Card is also Issued to Foreign Nationals such as Investor depending on Valid Visa, but It can’t be used as Proof of Indian Citizenship by them.

Now Days PAN Card is mandatory for a mostly all financial transactions such as opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits etc.; especially high-value transactions.

The Main Purpose of the PAN Card is to bring a Unique Identification Number to All Financial Transaction to Prevent Evasion by the Keeping Track of Transaction, Highly for Which can Impact the Economy.

Structure and Provisions

  • Under the Section 139A of Income Tax Act PAN Card is Issue by Income Tax Department.
  • Here We also giving an Example of PAN Structure Follows : BCPPP7634F : Where First Five Characters are Letter, Next Four are Numerical & Last Character is again Letter.
    • I.E – BCPPP7634F
  • First three Letters are Random Alphabetic Series.
  • Fourth One Shows the Types of Holder. ( Individual/Company/Government ). Check the Below List to Know Types of Holder.


A — Association of Persons (AOP)

B — Body of Individuals (BOI)

C — Company

F — Firm

G — Government

H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

L — Local Authority

J — Artificial Juridical Person

P — Individual

T — AOP (Trust)

K — Krish (Trust Krish)

  • Fifth Letter Shows the First Letter of Applicant’s Surname.
  • From 6th to 9th Character is Sequential Numbers.
  • Last Character is an alphabetic check digit.

Uses of PAN Card :

PAN is Compulsory While Filing Income Tax Returns, Tax Deduction & etc. PAN is also mandatory for Opening a New Bank Account & Deposits of Rs.50,000 or more. It is also mandatory while Purchase/Sale of Any Assets/Properties/Vehicles/Currency & etc.


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There are 170 Million PAN Cards has been issued by Income Tax Department as of 2014 & There are 30 Million Income Tax Payers in India. Many Corporate Entitles & Individual have able to Obtain Multiple PAN Cards fraudulently as Alphanumeric PAN Card Number is Unique. No can use Multiple PAN Cards & If they Caught, There’s a Penalty of Rs. 10,000. There are Only two Authorized Sites to Obtains PAN Card. One is NSDL e-Governance & Second is UTIITSL.